TECNOMEK, a dynamic young company, strengthened by the experience gained in industrial precision engineering, the use of modern technologies and a specialized technical staff.

TECNOMEK was founded in 1987 by the family patriarch Franco Garbin and reinforced over time by his two sons Andrea and Alberto.

The company has specialized over the years refining their technologies, renewing its machinery by including numerically controlled machining centres and lathes, and by developing all the necessary processes to ensure the quality of the finished product. In fact, by carefully selecting their suppliers, TECNOMEK offers multiple types of finishes and paintings which, together with the assembly permit to supply the finished product.

All production activities, from the planning of the process to the shipping of the product, is carefully implemented with a view to effectively and efficiently achieve the fundamental goal of customer satisfaction.

Among our clients are the leading companies of the lighting sector, food industries, automotive sector, household appliances and automation, such as Branson, forel, Orved, Elettrolab.

We also produce equipment for the dosing of fluids, high pressure valves, devices for the mixing of epoxy and polyurethane resins and PTFE coatings.